July 15, 2009

Why I love Favrd

Yesterday I complained about Favrd blacklisting tweets about its new competitor Favstar. Now before people think I’ve turned on Favrd, I want to say I LOVE FAVRD.

For those of you who don’t know about Favrd, it’s simple. It’s the leaderboard of funny tweets. The mechanism is simple - people sign up, then when they like a tweet, they star (favorite) the tweet. Favrd comes around and checks all the favorites of registered users and compiles the leaderboard. It takes 3 stars to make the board.

It’s at that point that Favrd works its magic. Any time, day or night, you can check Favrd when you need a laugh. There’s always something good. It also lures you in and makes you want to craft your tweets a little more so you make the leaderboard too. Making the leaderboard the first time is a big rush. The most popular tweets of the day all show up on the Most Favrd page, though some days it seems like @sween's timeline.

Everyone who likes funny tweets should sign up (do it here) if they’re not already. Do it now, I’ll wait. Once you’re signed up, star something when you find it funny - do it as your way of letting the person know you liked it. Retweets are good too - you can do both. NOTE: Favrd won’t count your vote on your own tweets or ones that mention (reply to) you.

There’s something else about Favrd that people don’t realize - it provides nearly immediate feedback on how well a tweet went over. I freely admit I check my own personal Favrd page - http://favrd.textism.com/person/joeschmitt - to see how many stars a tweet gets and more importantly who starred it. Anyone can do this by substituting their own user name for mine and see who liked their tweets - even on tweets that didn’t get 3 stars and make the leaderboard. I’ve referred to this page as my report card, because it’s like getting grades on each tweet. Powerful stuff.

The other thing about that page is that I start to get a sense of who likes which tweets. It’s how I know that @NotActuallyMe liked all the tweets with my wife, or which people like jokes about Blagojevich. It helps me to get to know my followers. Also since the number of people I’m following crossed 600 and I don’t have much room for more tweets, I turned off new follower emails and just notice who’s starring me. I find it much more likely I want to follow someone who clearly gets my jokes than someone who only just started following me. I can’t speak for others with more followers than they can follow back, but I suspect they are in the same boat. So if you want to get my attention, let me see which jokes you find funny.

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    i don’t favorite a lot of tweets, but i (think i) am on on favrd.
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    this is great, favrd should get you to write their “huh?” section, because this version is better. all my funny friends...
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